Uptime is the amount of time that a server has stayed up and running. This is usually listed as a percentage, like “99.9% uptime.” Uptime is a great measure of how good a Web hosting provider is at keeping their systems up and running. If a hosting provider has a high uptime percentage, then that means that their servers stay up and running and so any site you host with them should stay up and running too. Since Web pages can’t keep customers if they are down, uptime is very important.

Uptime percentages are misleading. As I pointed out above, 99% uptime sounds great, but it could mean a 3 day outage every year. Here are some mathematical explanations of uptimes:

  • 98% uptime = 28.8 minutes/day or 3.4 hours/week or 14.4 hours/month or 7.3 days/year
  • 99% uptime = 14.4 minutes/day or 1.7 hours/week or 7.2 hours/month or 3.65 days/year
  • 99.5% uptime = 7.2 minutes/day or 0.84 hours/week or 3.6 hours/month or 1.83 days/year
  • 99.9% uptime = 1.44 minutes/day or 0.17 hours/week or 0.72 hours/month or 8.8 hours/year

Another way to think about uptime is in how much it will cost you when the server does go down. And all servers go down periodically. If your website brings in $1000 per month, then a host with 98% uptime could lower your profits by $20 every month or as much as $240 per year. And that’s just in lost sales. If your customers or search engines start thinking your site is unreliable, they’ll stop coming back, and that $1000 per month will start dropping.

When you’re choosing your Web hosting provider, look at their uptime guarantees, I recommend only going with a company that offers a guaranteed uptime of 99.5% or higher. Most offer at least 99% uptime guaranteed.

We guaranteed 99.98% uptime. We understand your business needs 24X7, 365 Days running.

99.99% uptime Hosting - Creed Hosting
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