Creed Hosting Affiliate Program

Why Become a Creed Hosting Affiliate?

Hostiko affiliate program is the leader of highest paying affiliate programs

Free Affiliate Program

You need to pay to join with us. Refer as you Go.

Highest Affiliate Commission

We give 25% of commision on each referral. Refer and Earn highest margin.

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Refer and Earn easily with Creed Hosting. Highest and successful margins even in renewals.

How Hostiko Affiliate Works

When you sign up for a Creed Hosting affiliate account you will be provided with a unique affiliate code to add to your website or email.
Every time a visitor clicks on your link and signs up for a qualified plan, you will earn $25.00. The best part? The tracking lasts for 365 days, so even if they don’t sign up right away but do come back later, you still get credit for the sale! You must read and agree to our
Affiliate Terms of Service in order to join the affiliate program.

Why Creed Hosting Affiliates?

Creed Hosting affiliate program is the leader of highest paying affiliate programs

  • Earn $25.00 for Every Referral
  • High Conversion Rates
  • Easily make Money Online
  • 365 day Cookie Tracking
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Be part of the Elite Affiliate Club
  • Monthly Affiliate Payouts
  • Personalized Tracking Codes
  • Instant Sign-Up

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John Bill Moria

Cloud Timon, Manager

Creed Hosting Affiliate marketing business is awesome, I earned more than $1661.00 so far.

Amrit Agarwal


Affiliate Marketing channel is good. I tried just for fun, but it's really brought money.

Bheen Santosh Reddy

Business Man

I was searching in Google for Hosting, found amazing channel partnering. My Hosting cost reduced by 25%.

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