8 tips that helps you in choosing your Domain Name:

The domain name is like a mirror to promote your company on the web. Choosing a domain name becomes very tough now a days. We can help you to choose a best domain name that suits your business.

Here are some tips that you can follow while choosing your domain name:


The Domain Name length reflects your customers.Always the domain must be short and must be memorable to all.The more length domain names may be difficult to users to search your website.So always try to choose your domain name length less than 15 characters.This helps users to browse fast.

2.Avoid Special Characters&Numbers:

The Domain Name with special characters is not suggestable. Try to avoid special characters and numbers in your domain name because the users cannot remember your name.For example,your domain name is like john-123 then users may not be able to note that or they may forget hyphen and search for john123 then this leads to a error page.So,keep in mind to avoid special characters and numbers while choosing your domain name.

3.Highlight Keywords:

While choosing a domain name the keywords play a vital role. The domain name which you choose must be identical to your business work this helps users to find you easy. Consider a name john.com this doesn’t give the work detail you do so the users who know your website or about your work only can access but not others.If you include your business in your domain name like john foodies.com then it clearly explains that your dealing with foods and restaurants. To promote your business faster you select your domain name including your work.

4.Target your Locality:

With keywords you may better to add your locality in your domain name to reach your customers to you. Suppose you want  your business in your locality then it is better to add your locality to your domain name like venicemarbles.com. This helps the users to reach you fast.

5.Search for appropriate domain extensions:

There are number of extensions for domain names available today  like .com, .net, .org, .photography, .blog, .pizza, .info,.co,.biz . These are all have their own abbreviation and purpose for making sites.But many of the people aware of .com and .org extensions and these are widely used extensions on web.If you extends to .info as you are dealing with informational sites but many are not aware of this and they use to search for john.blog.com. This leads to error page to avoid this you can give the most used extensions or you are supposed to include some of extensions in your package.

6.Check availability:

After selecting your domain name you are supposed to check the availability of the domain name because if it is already exists then you might lose money on the basis of copyrights. You have to pay the money to the already registered company so before confirming your domain name i suggest you to check the availability of the domain name if it exists you are better to move with another domain name or you can search for the related domain name which is not existed.

7.Promote&secure your Brand:

The Domain Name you select must be catchy and memorable to the users so that user can use it also he can suggest to others and promoting becomes easy.you purchase various extensions to protect your brand from misleading to another website.suppose you have created with johnmarble.com and some other created with johnmarble.org when user mistype the extensions instead of one he is directed to another site. So if you have enough to purchase better to include some more extensions to your site.

8.Be smart while registering:

Registering a domain name is less expensive and its quite simple. If  you have a thought of your domain name then register first before others do it then you may not get rejected with that domain name.if you are late you have less options to select your desired domain name.

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