CS-Cart Faq

CS-Cart is one of the most efficient eCommerce shopping cart software solutions, which comprises of all the features necessary to establish a successful and competitive online business. CS-Cart is built using open source technologies, PHP/MySQL, Smarty.

This eCommerce shopping cart software is flexible and highly customizable software, therefore it is extremely easy to modify the program and extend its functionality according to your needs. CS-Cart software is installed on your website/hosting server and both its storefront and admin panel are managed through the web browser that enables you to access CS-Cart from any location with an internet connection.

Operating systems and browsers used for CS-Cart

CS-Cart shopping cart software works efficiently on both Windows and Linux operating system. However, we recommend installing CS-Cart on Linux or FreeBSD operating systems, as they provide with increased security and enable better control over file and directory permissions. CS-Cart works very well with all the main web browsers, including FireFox, Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera and Safari, among others.

Code Modifications in the full version of CS-Cart

CS-Cart is a 100% open source code software and it is highly customizable. It is possible to perform changes in the source code of the program and extend the standard functionality. However the responsibility of making the changes is upon you.

Support to PayPal or Google Checkout

CS-Cart supports the PayPal and Google Checkout payment gateways. It is fully integrated with more than 50 payment service providers. You can find the complete list on the website. If you find that your preferred payment provider is not on the list, you can always make a special request for getting a custom payment module designed.

Security of information

CS-Cart shopping cart provides with multiple levels of administrative access that may be customized for every administrator within your company. You can decide in terms of which information each employee can access.

SSL and PCI Compliance

CS-Cart supports an SSL, all you need is an SSL enables server with a dedicated or shared SSL certificate installed on the server. As security is an integral part of CS-Cart software, you can find the PCI Compliance guidelines on their website.

Search Engine Friendly
CS-Cart software is completely search engine friendly and it is designed in a way to get optimum results in the major search engines. It provides with SEO addon, that enables you to create dynamic URLs automatically from the static ones. The enabled add-on will support in improving the ranking of your website in the search engine listing. It is also recommended that you must add meta tags and keywords to all pages of your store.

Selling eBooks and software applications through CS-Cart

Yes. CS-Cart comprises of a comprehensive digital delivery system. When your customer will purchase any digital product from you; he/she will receive an e-mail with a link to the file (immediately or only after you approve the order manually). You can define a certain period of time the download will be available and you can also extend this period of time for a specific order.

Multiple languages

Yes. CS-Cart is completely a multilingual software. The standard CS-Cart distribution package offers 8 languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Greek, Italian, Dutch and Russian (some translations are partial). You can also select the necessary language or languages when installing the store. Moreover, the content of any CS-Cart pages either in the storefront or in the admin panel can be easily translated into any language; this enables you to add a new language in the CS-Cart admin panel on your own.

Adding options

One can easily add options like ‘color’ to every individual product, various options can be added on a per-product basis. You can see the additional product options on the product list and product details pages in the customer front-end. It is possible to add a wide range of options and the settings can be used for adjusting them according to your preferences. Some options may have different variants (color – black, white, green, etc.) and it is possible to specify a separate price for each of these option variants. Moreover, you can also create a global option and apply it to all selected products with one click.


CS-Cart software collects a wide range of statistics covering various aspects of store attendance. Analyzing this information enables the online store owners to make necessary improvements and maximize store efficiency.

Number of products

There is no limit on the number of products you can have in the store. With CS-Cart you can have an unlimited number of products as well as categories.

CS-Cart is one of the most efficient shopping cart software applications. When you sign up for an eCommerce hosting  package, the efficiency of your online store website can be increased with the use of CS-Cart.

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