VPS Hosting Control Panels

Q. What control panel choices do you offer on both Linux/Windows VPS Hosting and what are the prices ?

Ans: With our VPS hosting you get control panel options like cPanel/WHM and Plesk control panels.

Control Panel supported with Linux VPS: cPanel/WHM and Plesk control panel.

Control Panel supported with Windows VPS : Plesk Control Panel

creedHosting  provide all the latest versions of control panel with VPS hosting:

cPanel version 11.17.0
WHM version 11.15.0
Plesk Version 8.5.0

Control Panel Charges on VPS Hosting are as follows:

cPanel/WHM unlimited domains – £ 5 / Month
Plesk 30 Domains – £ 2 / Month
Plesk 100 Domains – £ 4 / Month
Plesk Unlimited domains – £ 5 / Month

Plesk Addons available with Plesk Control Panel Only:-

Plesk Power Pack – £ 3 / Month
Dr. Web Anti Virus – £4 / Month


Creed Hosting  can help you to provide all the latest versions of control pane .Please write at info@creedhosting.com
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