CodeGuard Website Backup

Automated change monitoring & website backups in the cloud

Pay annually, from only:

2 Years @ ₹60 /mo

Pay annually, from only:

2 Years @ ₹165 /mo

Pay annually, from only:

2 Years @ ₹305 /mo

Pay annually, from only:

2 Years @ ₹165 /mo

Features of Online Website Backup

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CodeGuard's Daily Monitoring

CodeGuard automatically monitors your website(s) everyday. If a change is detected, an alert email is sent with details of what was added, modified, or deleted with a timestamp. CodeGuard Website Backup Service is inspired by problems faced by small business owners, and helps you fix these effortlessly. CodeGuard is widely trusted and proven, so there is no need to worry about your backups going amiss!

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Automatic Website Backup Service

CodeGuard in the back end is very similar to the popular GIT Repository system. When CodeGuard website backup service is activated, your website is scanned and a GIT repo is created in the cloud. A monitoring process detects any changes to your website source code & files and transmits them to the CodeGuard repository. If any files are deleted, a record of the deletions is also made. Deleted files are removed from the repository; additions are included and changes overwritten to form a new version of the website backup, which is then displayed within the user’s dashboard.

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Easy Setup Of Website Backup

CodeGuard website backup installation is extremely simple - all you need to do is use SFTP and MySQL details to connect to CodeGuard and the website backup monitoring process will kick in immediately. You will receive alerts for any changes and the website backups will start getting recorded with the option to restore from any point


Website Restore Simplified with CodeGuard

You can restore your website or database to any previous website backup version. Download a zip of the contents at any time to keep an offline backup. To restore, choose an automatic restore from the downloaded archive or AWS, or optionally restore individual files and folders. Online Website Backups are stored on Amazon Web Services' S3 which boasts of 99.999999999% object durability, as it stores redundant copies of data across multiple geographies and facilities.


Infinite Backup Retention

You can choose to keep your database and website backups for upto 90 days (default) or even permanently if you choose to.


Money-Back with CodeGuard Website Backup

If you are not satisfied with your CodeGuard order or for any reason wish to delete your order, you can get your money within the first 30 days of purchase.

Why choose CodeGuard Website Backup Service

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WordPress Hosting on SSD
Automated Backups

Daily website backups stored securely on the Cloud

WordPress Optimised PHP Settings
Robust Encryption

Website backups encrypted with AES 256-bit techniques

Fully Loaded WordPress
Backups On-demand

Unlimited one-click website backups

Host One WordPress Websites
Priority Queuing

Be first in the line with the right CodeGuard backup plan!

WordPress Toolkit
Website Time-Machine

Restore your website from anypoint in time

Free Daily Backups
Change Monitoring

Instant alerts for any website changes

100% Network Uptime
WP Plugin Updates

Your WordPress plugins are up to date and secure

Free SSL Certificates
Website Backup retention

Choose how long to keep your website backups

 WordPress Experts
Mobile Access

Manage your website backups on-the-go!


Frequently Asked Questions – We're here to help...

CodeGuard is a website backup service that focuses on best practices to protect customers’ data. Passwords, databases and website backups are encrypted and secure connections are utilised if needed. Annual vulnerability testing is conducted by another agency to check for a data breach or successful hacks.

Yes, you get a Money-Back Guarantee with our CodeGuard Website Backup Service plans.

Yes, as per your needs, you can switch between CodeGuard website backup plans anytime you want.

Yes, you can. However, we suggest that you upgrade to a higher Codeguard plan, if you have a requirement for multiple website backups.

You don't need to do that with CodeGuard Website Backup Service.

You would need the following information for CodeGuard website backup: Website URL Hostname/IP Address SFTP/FTP Username SFTP/FTP Password Port Number Root Directory

You cannot migrate an existing website directly onto our Website Builder. You can however, move your website files over by downloading them from your other host and re-uploading them to your new easy Website Builder account. The website content can then be filled.

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