SiteLock Website Security

Comprehensive Website Scanning & Malware Removal

Pay annually, from only:

1 Year @ ₹67.91 /mo

Pay annually, from only:

1 Year @ ₹192.5 /mo

Pay annually, from only:

1 Year @ ₹249.16 /mo

Pay annually, from only:

1 Year @ ₹849.58 /mo

Features of Online Website Secutity

Blogging Platform

360° Website Security

By combining patent-pending scans with automatic malware removal tools as well as with enterprise-grade firewalls protecting your store with an alarm system, website security has never been this amazing. Get started with SiteLock Website Security today and help your customers protect their websites and online stores.

WordPress Portfolio

Website Security Automatic Scanning

SiteLock website security secures your website by scanning files, FTP and network connections everyday for any vulnerabilities or malware. If any malware is detected, SiteLock removes it immediately and any other vulnerabilities detected are reported on your dashboard and you can set up alerts to be notified on priority.

eCommerce Stores

24/7 Support on SiteLock Website Security

SiteLock Security has a great team of dedicated website security consultants who are there for your customers' businesses. They also have a team of website security engineers who are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year.


Increase Sales

After your customer's website is scanned and secure, they can proudly display the SiteLock Trust Seal. The Trust Seal shows customers who can shop on your customer's website safely. Getting started is easy. Your customers are going to love SiteLock!


FireWall, CDN & more

Select SiteLock Website Security Plans include reputation management features including spam protection, blacklist monitoring etc. Besides, SiteLock helps improve your website speed with its Truespeed CDN and protects your website with the Trueshield Firewall.


Proven & Trusted Website Security

SiteLock's Website Security has protected more than 2 million online businesses around the globe. That's more than any other website security or virus scan provider. It has also partnered with leading Web Hosting providers and cybersafety organizations, like neighborhood-watch for the Internet.

Why choose Website Security

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WordPress Hosting on SSD
Find & Fix Malware daily

SiteLock's Website Security has protected more than 2 million online businesses around the globe.

WordPress Optimised PHP Settings
Build Customer Trust

A SiteLock Security Trust Seal shows your visitors that your website is secure

Fully Loaded WordPress
Improve SEO

Never fear a drop in search rankings

Host One WordPress Websites
FTP scanning/SMART scan

Includes Secure Malware Alert and Removal Tool

WordPress Toolkit
Block harmful traffic

Protect your website with the TrueShield Firewall

Free Daily Backups
Boost website speed

Increase your website with true speed cdn

100% Network Uptime
Network scanning

Comprehensive website security for your network

Free SSL Certificates
Application scanning

Ensure your web apps are up-to-date

 WordPress Experts
Banish website vulnerabilites

Worry no more with the XSS and SQL scans


Frequently Asked Questions – We're here to help...

SiteLock is a cloud-based website security solution for small businesses. Its state-of-the-art auto-detection capability for online security threats helps prevent malware injections and more.

ResellerClub does not provide a money-back guarantee on any of the SiteLock website security plans.

A SSL certificate is used to encrypt a connection between the browser and server. However, SiteLock security protects the database where this information is stored. It scans your website files and applications and protects them from malware attacks.

The following Website Security Scans are included in a Sitelock Website Security Plan: Daily Malware Scan Daily FTP Scanning Website Application Scan SQL Injection Scan Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Scan

With ResellerClub, SiteLock Website Security plans are billed on one-year terms.

To install SiteLock, you need to update your FTP details on the SiteLock admin panel and validate that you own the website. This triggers a scan and your SiteLock is good to go. You can include the JavaScript snippet that SiteLock provides in the footer of your website to display the Trust Seal.

You can access the SiteLock Panel from the SiteLock Management page. However, you cannot access the Panel directly through a URL.

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