In Simple terms Dedicated Hosting can be defined as a website hosting  option where an organization or a company can rents an entire server.Dedicated Hosting is also called as Dedicated Server or Managed hosting server.Dedicated server provides client  the administration, resource allocation, privacy, and control over the server. Dedicated servers are completely isolated from each other, so users get full access to configure their server  without affecting another user.It is more flexible when compared with shared ones because it owns entire server.Control, privacy, and guaranteed resources are the primary benefits of  Dedicated hosting. Dedicated hosting comes with number of  additional benefits for you and your site. This ensures that no other user will share the same resources or have access to your data.In dedicated hosting, server administration is often provided by the hosting organization as an add-on service. The dedicated hosting providers deals with an agreement with the client that objects all the service guarantees as they needed.

The overview of a Dedicated server:
Dedicated server packages are customizable solutions to meet any need both in hardware requirements and software requirements. The dedicated server packages grant root level access that allows complete control over the configuration of the system and all installed software.

Dedicated Hosting is Perfect For
High Traffic Websites
When your high-traffic site, a dedicated server will give your site the power to run quickly, reliably, and without    interruption.

Large Ecommerce Websites
For e-commerce sites, the customers are high and they must satisfy each and every customer with less downtime.For this,dedicated servers are apt to manage the traffic and this helps in no loss of sales to the websites.

The Different Types of Dedicated Servers:

  1.  Managed Server
  2. Unmanaged server.

In a managed server, the technical issues are solved by the hosting provider.They always checks your site and server whether they are running well all the time and maintains.This helps in reducing your work on technical side and you can host your website without any additional also handles  security risks and backups also.

Similarly,unmanaged server,doesn’t provide this facility because you have to manage all the technical tasks along with your website including administrative work, creating backups, monitoring your data.If you are good at the technical skill and ability to manage your own server then you can choose this type of servers.If you want to take full responsibility for your server settings  you can choose an unmanaged option.

Obviously,The majority of users will choose  a managed server, as this gives you time to focus on your site and business and you won’t need any special technical expertise to fix your technical issues.

Some of the advantages of dedicated hosting include:

  • A unique and dedicated IP address.
  • A custom firewall, which can help in enforcing the access control policy
  • Reliability.
  • Improved speed and performance because your site doesn’t share server resources with anyone else.
  • It is more flexible in adding software and changing server configurations.
  • More secure as you only have access to your server others cannot attack on your sites
  • More storage space. Most dedicated hosting plans include  with up to 2 TB of disk space.

Choosing the right hosting package is one of the  decisions you have to take to promote  your website.If you are thinking  to host your website with highest speed and security and with your own specifications then  the best idea is to choose a dedicated server.The main drawback to dedicated hosting is that it can be a major investment.In some cases, a dedicated server can be less expensive.


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Dedicated hosting

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