Shared Hosting:

Many people want their website to appear on the Internet, to publish their websites  they need to reside on a server. This server helps in  connecting to the Internet and allows people to access the site.Shared Hosting is the most popular hosting solution for  those who are interested in running a small websites.Shared hosting is Web hosting in which the service provider allows multiple Web sites, each having its own Internet domain name, from a single Web server.Every user will have a limited resources from the server they use this usually  based on their hosting package.

  • In shared hosting there are multiple levels of hosting available,you can update to the hosting package with respective of time and of your needs.This makes shared hosting a great place to start.
  • Shared hosting is equipped with a built-in cPanel, to manage your site easily.
  • No technical maintenance needs to be done on your end to the server, as it is included with your hosting package.

Shared hosting is the cheapest and most economical option for your needs. Since most hosting companies will offer the same amount of space and storage it’s important to choose a company you can trust.

 Features of Shared Hosting

Here are five most relevant features included into shared hosting packages:

  • Disk Space & Traffic

  The  disk space and  bandwidth you are allotted is limited as others are sharing the same server.if you surpass the bandwidth limit then there may be a chance of low traffic speed and this may effect on the performance of your,choose correct hosting plan which apt to host your site.

  • Support

Shared hosting is one of the best support to those who maintains their own websites because it doesn’t need any specialized technical skill people. Maintenance, administration and security are managed by the shared hosting provider.So,any user can maintain their websites without any risk.

  • Low Cost

The Shared Hosting is more affordable and ideal for small companies/organizations and also for the users who maintain their own websites. As we know earlier, server’s resources are shared among several users so that costs are divided up among the users.

  • Pre-installed Apps

In shared hosting, the hosting company installs applications like  firewalls, server security applications and programs. Experts in security are tasked with providing a safe & stable operating environment for the organizations on shared servers.This helps in providing the security to the users.

Choosing the right kind of hosting solution is very essential as it hosts your website.So select the hosting package which is available to your needs and specifications with minimum cost.

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Shared Hosting

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