WordPress Database table doesn’t support repair Error Fixed

Most of the WordPress website owners and Web Developers struggles a lot to clear this issue. Many people use different methods to resolve this issue. Some will be difficult and some easy. Today i am going to suggest this Tip. I have used it for many websites. A specially, when you are moving WordPress site one hosting to another Hosting provider by Cpanel.

For the first time I encountered something very unusual as I noticed few of my WordPress database tables couldn’t be repaired. Here is what error message looked like:

wp_se_author_advertising: OK
wp_se_blc_instances: The storage engine for the table doesn’t support repair
wp_se_blc_links: The storage engine for the table doesn’t support repair

Notice the “The storage engine for the table doesn’t support repair” and when I checked my WordPress database overhead, I was stunned as overhead size was about 5320GiB.

I straight away Pinged my hosting support team but they couldn’t any help as this was an issue with database and not the hosting. So I started searching for a solution to this issue and finally I figured out what could be done to fix error “The storage engine for the table doesn’t support repair“.

Convert InnoDB MySQL Engine to MyISAM – SQL Query

I researched about the issue and understood that InnoDB and MyISAM are two popular MySQL Engine. MyISAM is the one which supports mysqlcheck’s repair feature. InnoDB engine is recommended for busy database but in this case I was facing issues with excessive database overhead, so I decided to move my tables back to MyISAM engine.

If you are also facing the similar issue, the solution is to convert the InnoDB to MyISAM engine. Here I’m sharing the SQL query which you need to run to convert the tables one by one.

Note: Before you do this step, please take a complete backup of your database. If something goes wrong, you should be in a condition to restore your database. 


Replace table name with your database table name which you want to be converted into MyISAM. After repeating that for all the tables, do repair and optimise your database.

For me, this fixed my problem of WordPress database. If you ever run into similar kind of situation, this would help you.  Don’t forget to take your database backup before running any SQL query.

If you have any queries, please comment below. So that i can help you.

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