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What is EPP Code
Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) domain status codes, also called domain name status codes, indicate the status of a domain name registration. Every domain has at least one status code, but they can...
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Domain’s Registry Secrete Codes
EPP Status Code RDAP Status Mapping What does it mean? Should you do something? addPeriod add period This grace period is provided after the initial registration of a domain name....
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How to Create a Sales Funnel with WordPress
Do you run an online business? Want to sell more products or services? Answered yes to either of those questions? In that case, you need a sales funnel. A sales...
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WordPress vs Webflow: Which is Better for Web Design?
If you’re planning on building your website you may have heard of Webflow and WordPress, two of the most popular website builders available today. But before you can begin your...
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How to Check and Update Your PHP Version
Websites have always run on code, but it wasn’t always the case that they used multiple programming languages. Most modern sites use languages like JavaScript and CSS for scripts and...
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